I am, as I like to joke, a “paparazzi”.  The more pictures I take, the better the chance one will turn out!  This blog then is an experiment.  I don’t know much about Photography, but maybe by putting my pictures out here, and hopefully getting a few comments, I’ll learn something.  As for how often I’ll post, I don’t know yet.  I’ve thought about once a day, once a week, or whenever I actually get to take pictures.  I will try to put up new pictures though, not just old ones.

So here’s Sama Pictures blog!  Please comment, even if it’s to say that my pictures are horrible!


12 comments on “About”

  1. Your pictures are horrible. OK, maybe I haven’t even looked yet, but I just had to comment and that’s all I could think about after reading your paragraph above. I know very little about photography, too. My finace found this sight which I think is very helpful: http://my3boybarians.com/31-days-series/. I’m going to look around your blog a little, then go out and take some photos.

  2. When you know that you do know much , you have done half the job successfully.
    You become open to lessons , from every source. Then , you will steadily improve.

    Love your attitude ! That will take you to great heights !
    All the best !

    From another one who is still trying to learn the basics

  3. The best thing you can do with photography is enjoy the process and especially the subjects that you feature. Do that and you can’t take a “bad” picture. We all have lots to learn and thats what keeps it fresh. You look like you’re doing fine to me!!

  4. I agree the more photos you take, the better chance of a good one. This is not only good advice for us amateurs but something pros do too. I have heard the pro’s hit rate of keepers is around 10%. So keep shooting lots of photos, pixels are cheap!

  5. As far as I am concerned, being a life-long learner is what life is all about. Learning edges teach us so much. Thanks for not holding back until you are “perfect.”

  6. I’ve looked around a bit on your sight and I like your perspective and composition. I look forward to following your developing skills.

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