Train Crossing

By: samacwns

Mar 06 2013

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Category: Black and White, CDL, Vehicles


Focal Length:8.118mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD960 IS

I wanted to see if I could make this black and white and leave the Railroad Crossing light in color using Photoshop.  Took some google work, but I got it!  Thanks to whomever asked the same question on Yahoo questions and to the people who answered.  I think “aged” the picture in the preset effects.  Do you think it worked?


2 comments on “Train Crossing”

  1. the effect looks great, nicely done. I like that you left the aura of the light around the bulb itself in. I’m also brushing up on my photoshop techniques. I’ve been cheating my way around my lack of knowledge, or have been googling specific tasks, but I need to get comfortable with it. Nice to see someone else doing the same, on the internet you quickly get the impression everyone knows how to use photoshop (cursed instagram). anyway, this looks great, I’ll swing through and check out your progess, keep it up

    • Thank you so much! I keep meaning to take some online classes that my library is offering on Photoshop, but it hasn’t happened yet…my bad! I’m glad when I type into google a question and someone has already answered it though. Means I’m not alone in the world. 😉

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